Welcome to Novacoast. We're smart developers and talented designers who build amazing software.

What we do



Our design team ensures that we continually marry functionality with appeal in user interface to help with anything from full project execution to story boarding or simply in the creation of beautiful interface design.


Mobile App Development

Android, iOS and beyond: mobile strategy, design, architecture and development. We have the strategic experience to help you go mobile.


Enterprise IT Development

Novacoast’s DNA is enterprise IT. Our dev team grew up writing code for the biggest, baddest, ugliest ERP and legacy systems.


Network Security Development

Over 10 years experience with hundreds of companies. From building a scalable streaming service like Netflix, to avoiding being the next Friendster, we have all the bases covered.


How we do it better

Unmatched Enterprise Expertise


Having worked with some of the largest US companies, we’re comfortable with complex enterprise infrastructure and can work with any existing enterprise applications.

We Lead With Design


We build our applications around user experience, knowing that without an engaging interface, and application will be used seldom or grudgingly. Our comprehensive design team works seamlessly with our engineers to deliver a functional, appealing interface.

Local, Mobile & Credentialed


While teams are based in Southern and Northern California, our developers are fully mobile and boast BAs or MAs in Computer Science.

We Scale


Our team is designed to grow with your needs. You’re never going to be held hostage to the schedule of a single developer.





The power of participation enterprise software to harness the innovation in your organization...

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To increase the reach and quality of services for children with ASDs and their families that care for them.

Mobile Framework

Mobile Framework

Secure mobile data access management. Powerful business intelligence tools...

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The PC Mall Windows 8 app allows customers to explore the HP product line of computers, tablets, servers, and networking hardware



The iPad sales support app provides a stunning interactive presentation and visual aid for salespeople to demonstrate Carefusion's line of product integration services in the heathcare industry.

4 Shadow

4 Shadow

Protect your computer and data from network threats.

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Our Process

Product Requirements & Development


First we document every feature of your vision, even the ones that might be five years down the road. Thinking this big, and thoroughly documenting can help when it comes to architectural design.



This step is being concerned with planning and taking in all the variables of the design. Based on these variables we will build a development plan, create a timeline, and assemble a team of developers, UI designers and a quality assurance team to meet needs outlined.

Development Cycles


Storyboarding has become a critical component in our development process. Our goal is to storyboard out as much of the application that we can to avoid any problems later in the process.



Beginning of the development cycle, best described as agile development. We adjust our style to it to best fit the needs of the produce.

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